First Coronavirus Case In Africa Comes Out Negative

Africa free of coronavirus as suspected Egyptian case tests negative .

A patient who was placed under surveillance at a hospital in Egypt over coronavirus has tested negative.
The patient, said to be a foreigner, was reported as Africa’s first coronavirus case on February 14. .

But four days later, the Egyptian health ministry and the World Health Organisation announced that repeated polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis, a test conducted on coronavirus patients, came out negative when the patient was examined.
Khaled Megahed, the health ministry’s spokesperson, said a medical team had been conducting periodic checks and analysis on the patient.

According to him, the PCR analysis was conducted six times over three consecutive days, under the supervision of the health ministry and the WHO – the results proving negative each time.
He, added that the patient will, however remain under quarantine for the next 14 days.

Coronavirus has been confirmed in Singapore, UK, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, UAE, France, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Italy, Russia, the United States, among other countries.
Over 64,000 cases of the disease have been recorded worldwide, with about 1,800 deaths.
WHO had declared the outbreak a global health emergency, appealing for $675 million to fund a three-month response plan. .

But the question is the patient who survived the attack of corona virus ,is he black or white African?

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