BBNaija Reality Show Star Alex Warns A Mystery Friends That Gossips With Her Name

Relationships are sweeter than honey until there is a conflict. This might be what Alex of Big Brother Naija is passing through recently that warranted her to write an open letter to that mystery friend she called “Youknowyourself”

A lot of of speculations are going on since she made this unapologetic post hours ago. She must have endured the pain for a long time that she decided to release an outburst.

Look at how she wrote a warning letter to Mr or Miss You Know Yourself,

“You don’t have anything, still you messed with my life and you won’t stay away from things concerning me. Causing damage everywhere and playing angel just because you feel you know my heart and you know I won’t agree to speak bad of you even when you hurt me deeply. Stop messing with my tiny heart because it changed a long time ago. Don’t push me. #youknowyourself stay away from me and everything that concerns me. You’ve taken enough from me. I’ll never let you do it again. I’m sure your friends will show you this because I blocked everything about you a long time ago. God bless you as understand that my silence isn’t weakness.”

Who could this be? Could it be Tobi or Ifuennada?

Can you guess?

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