A Nigerian Female Soldier Beats Up A Nigerian Man(Video)

Nobody is against a soldier doing his job whether the soldier is a male or female but this video shows how soldiers intimidate innocent civilians.

This particular female soldier was caught in a camera intimidating a male folk which might be assumed to be a personal issue she might have with the guy.

See the video below,

She was asking him”Am I not beautiful?You said I am not beautiful?Bastard!!Am I not more beautiful than Beyonce?”

After beating him thoroughly,her male colleagues took over from her and malhandled the young man.

Soldiers are meant to protect the citizens in countries where laws are working but in Nigeria sometimes some of these soldiers intimidate civilians hiding under the power and authorities bestowed on them.

Sometimes when you browse through the internet ,you will see beautiful pictures of the female soldiers advising men not to be scared to approach them for meaningful relationship.

It will not be out of place to say that this might be one of reasons men are scared of approaching women in force for marriage. Which man would want yo be beaten up by his wife?

This kind of behavior should not be encouraged at all except if the lady is a feminist.

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