This Is What You Get When You Marry An Actor Or Actress.You Must Brave……

Acting is not meant for the softhearted.To make it in the business of acting, you must be ready to take up roles especially those controversial and challenging roles that would bring you to the limelight and put food on your table.

For one to make headlines as an actor/actress you must be skillful ,talented and creative. That’s the only way producers will notice you.

Anyone that lacks these qualities must not think of acting as a career.Simply enjoy watching movies like so many of us.

Sometimes, I wonder how the partners of those actors and actresses would always feel when you see him/her in a compromising position all in the name of acting?

Truly I commend people that act films to entertain us and those married to them.They are from another planet.

Like in this movie yet to be released named CupidArrow,the young man just got married weeks ago .What of if his wife is a jealous lover?.Look at his picture

Eve Esin is married with a son and she has a very handsome husband. She has been acting for over a decade and still remains relevant in the industry because she is talented and accepts challenging roles. While some of the people who started the race with her have retired long ago. See what she wrote

“cupidsarrow the movie

Set benefits sha🙆‍♀️ to think this my bro man just got married a week plus ago🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

@stanleyigboanugo7 enjoy while it last”

Really it takes a brave heart to act films and equally it takes a supportive partner who understands that you are only doing your job, no stringes attached to those pictures and videos.This is only a make-belief world.

The question is this ,can you marry an actor or an actress?

Let’s have a poll in the comment section.

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