Grammy Award event has come and gone. Nigeria’s latest music sensation,the man of the moment Burna Boy was nominated under the category of the best music video with music legend Angelique Kidjo who has being winning this award in the four consecutive years.

As an upcoming international music star Burna Boy gathered numerous fans as he won our hearts and it was an endless discussion all around the social media But finally Angelique Kidjo won the grammy and took it home.

Truly,Not forgetting the efforts of the new African giant Burna Boy,she dedicated the award to Burna Boy. That was sweet and that definitely shows that in no distance time Burna Boy will be coming home with that award and taking over the music world in Afri a.

South African Singer AKA who has been quarreling with Nigerians on social media for his unnecessary support for his country over xenophobic attack on foreigners indirectly congratulated his former friend Burna Boy and likewise shared his opinion. He said

AKA tweeted,

“I never hated Burna Boy all I did was to stand up for my country. I think it’s time to move past this narrative .It’s I said even nomination is a huge achievement “

This time he came in peace but people who were hurt by his words during the 2019 xenophobic attack on foreigners ,will they forgive him? His utterances may never be forgotten in a hurry?

Do you think Burna Boy and AKA will remain close friends as they used to be?

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