Normally we would have thought that the newly married Sandra Ikeji would happily settle for her honeymoon but rather she didn’t spare time to call out the caterer who owns Amanda Grace Catering Services who cooked her wedding meals.

Social media was treated to a lovely scene on Sunday, 5th December as Sandra, the younger sister of celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, had her Church wedding.

Then on the 6th of January 2020,the drama between Sandra and her wedding caterer unfolded given to lack of satisfaction from the services the caterer rendered and the high expectations not met. She wrote:

“@_amandagracescatering has the worse food as fast as you can from this caterer. Don’t book her, sour rice, salty afang, overly salted plantain, tasteless chicken. Bad service @_amandagracescatering go back to culinary or catering school, you need it. Don’t be deceived by the look of her food, it is tasteless. Post & delete. Worse caterer in the East @_amandagracescatering. Always good to have a backup caterer. Thank God my mom had another caterer. When I complained she blamed her bad food on her coolers, her own coolers o.”

After calling out the caterer who owns AmandaGrace Catering by Sandra Ikeji, the caterer responded with empathy in her voice,

Dear @sandraikeji, blocking you is the least of our worries but I believe God will vindicate me. You even had a balance of 60k to complete which I let go off after u said it should be a bonus which was not part of our initial agreement. I cooked all your dishes as you requested and u even hurried me up to come to your venue as early before 12noon. When I got to your house, your mom tasted all the dishes and packed some inside your house, there was no complain whatsoever from her. My team and I sat at ur house after displaying food in the buffet till past 5pm before food was served because you started your occasion very late, because fried rice doesn’t stay that long after its been tampered with, it got sour and wasn’t served which we deeply apologized for. Every other dish was served and we carried empty coolers home.
You called me the next day to say your asheobi girls were purging and that I should give u back your money? Who does that? What will happen to the empty coolers of food I took home? How about other guests that was served? You mean I should refund u in totality because your asheobi girls said they were purging and they didn’t like the food?
Calling me out on social media because you’re famous so you’ll spoil my growing business will not shake me. I have cooked for several couples and no one has complained that all my dishes are very horrible as you have just said because I refused to refund you. Well, God is still God and he will vindicate me. Happy married life.

Ps: everybody who has tasted our food should Pls come out and debunk this false story

The caterer thought her food was great but now those who ate her food decided to give her the reply she asked for,

It seems many were not pleased with the caterer

Some are still against Sandra Ikeji,

Judge from the responses,the caterer didn’t do any good job but Sandra would have discussed with her fully,condemn her in the secret instead of going public about it. This may mar the caterer’s career.We rise by lifting others.

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