Laziness can make one do unimaginable dirty things to survive. No wonder it is said that a lazy man/woman will have no food. Somehow some people can manipulate and get whatever they want without hard work.

Ghanaian celebrity prostitute, Queen Farcadi, has stated that laziness made her go into the trade of selling her body.
Queen Farcadi during her appearance on the Delay Show debunked the presenter’s opinion that someone influenced her to be trading sex, she insisted that she started selling her body because she was too lazy to work. .
. “It’s my decision, it’s like you are lazy and don’t want to work so you have to use your body to get what you want … I am a lazy girl,” she said. .

Farcadi added that she has never tried working before but she realized that she isn’t cut for that for she is very lazy. .
She said from experience, she has realized that men only use women so she has decided to make money out of them too. .

Recall that she had recently revealed that she has slept with over 100 men and she has had to use juju in her “ashawo” business.
She clarified that she does not use this black magic for evil machinations or to enhance her trade but just to protect herself from the harm that surrounds her.

So this is how you got this celebrity prostitute rank. It is your choice as an adult and it is your life.She is cute though.

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