Nigerian actor Uche Mmaduagwu who is always fond of saying his mind anyhow he feels decided to talk about his regrets.

Recently he talks good of Tacha ,another housemate of BBNaija who was disqualified from the reality show because of her fight with Mercy who later emerged the winner of the show.

Uche Mmaduagwu expressed his opinion and regret this way,

“I made a mistake supporting Mercy in #BBnaija2019, but i dont regret it because helping brands succeed is wisdom… 🙄🙄I am glad #Tacha is doing good for herself now, and i promise to make sure she is big in #Nollywood too. 🎬The only mistake i made last year in #BBnaija was supporting #Mercy and i hope all my fans in #naija, #ghana and #London will forgive me, ✈️after so many of my fans insulted me for all the support i gave Mercy in #PepperDem, what did i gain from it? Nothing. 🤷‍♂️My people, i have already gotten the attention of #Hollywood, that alone is bigger than any reality #television show in #Africa, 🤷‍♂️#hello, i have already gotten #international attention from #America, thats something every top #actor in Naija dream of in their career. I am talking about this now because my fans on #twitter and #instagram have been asking why i stopped supporting Mercy.🙄”

During the show which took place last year he was an ardent supporter of Mercy. There has never being any argument between him and Mercy.

Could it be his 2020 decision?

What’s your take on this Uche’s decision? Let’s read your comment. Don’t forget to share this story to family and friends.

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