Davido And Chioma Unfollow Each Other On Instagram. This is not good.

It has come as a shock as Instagram users discovered that Davido and Chioma unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Recently there has been a lot of drama going on in their relationship after Davido went to Ghana with his babymama Sophia Momodu and Sophia has been trying her best not reveal what happened in that Ghana.

But nobody heard anything from Chioma except that once in a while she would talk and advice people on love.

Chioma has been known to stand with Davido no matter the scandal brought upon him by some of his actions. But sometimes how long can the endurance last?

It has been revealed that their wedding is taking place early this year.

Whatever that must have made them to unfollow each other must be a big deal.

For the sake of love, they should settle their differences and come together.

Chioma and Davido had been together before the coming of the babymamas as the story has it.She must truly love him to have endured seeing all those betrayals and decided to stay.

Chioma gave birth to Davido’s first son months ago and her marriage introduction has already taken place in Imo State.They are getting set to conclude their marriage arrangement soon.

Whatever the situation is, they should try their best to settle it.

What do you think that would make the two love birds to unfollow themselves?

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