Days ago a blogger who goes by the name Cutie Julls came out to accuse Ex-BBNaija housemate Teddy A of beating his wife Bambam. The blogger went to the extent of tagging Teddy A in his post.

Cutie Julls in a post addressed to Teddy A wrote: “Dear @iamteddya, you know I don’t hate you. All I’m saying is refraining from beating Bambam should be priority on your new year resolutions. That one na bad thing? See your fans here, especially the women using abusive languages on me just to encourage a fellow woman to keep mute and continue forming in an abusive relationship. Something most of them will not condone.

Cutie Julls accused the reality star of battering Bambam before they both wedded. She also called for fans to pray for Bambam while encouraging people to be careful of the kind of spouse they keep in 2020.

Honey, tell them to stay off o. Because remember you beating Bambam is no lie. I am not saying she should leave you. All I am saying is please kindly stop beating her. Merry Christmas my dear. Now tell your fans to keep their comments clean without insults. Not like I care but just because it’s Christmas. Thank you.”

Teddy A who did not find this funny took to the comment section of the post and wrote; “I think most people understand you’re spreading lies in order to boost your little blog, you wanna grow I get it. It’s also obvious you’ve been payed to defame me.

Petty, irrelevant bloggers like you with no credibility will get what’s coming soon. I’d take this up legally but you’re a faceless nobody so it’s a waste of my time and I doubt you could even pay up if that lawsuit were to hit you. Keep my name and that of mine off your blog if you wanna continue running this little page.

Bambam ex-housemate of BBNaija has made a video defending her husband from this domestic violence scandal.She said that her husband has never beaten her and will never beat her.Below is the video,

The couple Teddy A and Bambam met in Big Brother Naija reality show in 2018 and got married in 2019.

We can only believe the blogger if he flourishes any evidence to buttress this accusation or he remains silent.

Though they said there’s no rumour without any atom of the truth. Do you believe Bambam is hiding the truth?

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