Foremost Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji took to her Instagram page to tell her fans her story.She said,

” In 2010, I released a book titled It Takes You! A book on Inspiration. There was no social media then so I wasn’t doing this for clout. I really wanted to inspire people to continue to pursue their dreams as I was mine, despite how difficult it was. .

At that time, I had given up on a number of ventures I’d embarked on including the magazine, Catwalk with Linda, the model competition, and my marketing company. I was still struggling with my modeling agency, Style Night and the events company.

I was a broke CEO with many years of struggling (13 years at this time), with so many broken dreams, but not a broken spirit. I was determined to be successful and every encouraging word I told myself during those moments when I was alone, close to tears, crying, feeling like a failure, nearly broken, I put those words down. I would later put those encouraging words in a book hoping that others struggling like myself would read and be encouraged to continue to fight and never loose hope.

After the book was launched, I lost my office because I could no longer afford the rent. I moved by business back home and continued to run it from there. Just imagine losing an office you’ve had for 7 years. When you thought you would be progressing after years of hard work, you find yourself going backwards. But what I didn’t know at the time was that God was preparing me for something greater.

I moved my business back home in June 2010 and by October 2010, companies started calling me about advertising on my blog. (I’d been blogging for 4 years at this point). A year later, I was worth about N4million. To think a year prior, I couldn’t afford N300k a year rent. .
God sees and He knows. And when He’s ready for you to stop struggling, He will prove to the world that He’s on your side! The key is never to give up on yourself or on God! I wish you all the best! Massive hugs!

This is so inspiring coming from a great role model and a mentor.

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