He famously admitted in his memoir, Darkness to Light, that he’s a ‘sex addict’ and has slept with more than 2,000 women through the years

But in a new interview,  Sabrina Parr has disclosed that they have decided to wait until after their marriage before they can start having sex.

The 32-year-old fitness coach told Hollywood Life: ‘This is the first time in Lamar’s entire life that he has been clean of drugs, marijuana, porn addiction, sex addiction. Him and I don’t even have sex, believe that or not,’ Sabrina said. :
“Once Lamar got saved, he developed a relationship with a pastor and there’s a lot of things he just wants to grow, areas he wants to grow in, and things he wants to improve on as a man. And as a man, the pastor suggested to him, it’s not Godly if Christians like to have sex before marriage.”

Parr continued, “Obviously, he’s already had sex, so he couldn’t cut that out, but he said, ‘A great sacrifice to God would be to withhold from sex until you guys got married.’ And so, I think he really respects the pastor’s opinion and his voice.”

Parr noted that she “allowed” Odom, 40, to make this decision for them, which she noted has caused the retired athlete to want to “rush” to tie the knot. She’s in “no rush” to get married sooner, but she said her husband-to-be has been “doing very well” without having sex despite initially thinking “this would be a struggle” for him.

“One thing he told me was, the way I respect myself and the standards that I have, they’re very intriguing to him,” she explained. “So, it makes him want to honor me in that way. So, so far so good. Since we’ve been engaged, since before we’ve gotten engaged, we have been holding on strong, and the object is to do other things in place of sex. And what he’s seeing is without having sex, it improves our intimacy. We experience real intimacy when we’re not having sex.”

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