Ladies reveal the kind of “juju” they did to get and keep a man and it’s shocking.These days social media has exposed a lot of unbelievable things people do in secret. But with the presence of social media a spy might be in a social media groups like those in facebook, twitter and Whatsapp just to spy on them and know the intent of such group. Like this one that went viral, the members of such group might be wondering who licked their secret. And yet the spy will remain in the group without being detected. This is one of the dividends of social media.

Do you know sometimes I feel for men especially the womanising types. A woman may decide to kill a man if she wishes with such powers. And such randy men might not be able to discern between a good and a bad woman as he keeps jumping from bed to bed.

In this particular group, they discussed deep emotional matters about relationships. Here they discussed about using juju to get a man and it seems it truly worked for them.

Truly shocking. A woman can truly get what she sets her mind on as the saying goes

Who can stop a woman in love. This is an eye opener

This is real, extent women go for love

There are equally stories of men who trap ladies this way too.

Can you go to this extent to get a lover?

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Disclaimer :The women in picture are not the actual ones.

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