Generally, when a partner cheats in marriage, so much thoughts follow like, Am I not beautiful or handsome enough? Where did I go wrong? What attracted him/her to the third party?

The young man in question must be shocked and confused and that has forced him to open up to seek for advice.

There is a saying that he who has not seen before should cast the first stone.

Advise me, my wife is always going to the gym center to enable her stay fit because i don’t really like fat people,
Yesterday evening, she left for gym after preparing dinner around 4pm while i was at home because i didn’t go to work yesterday, Immediately she came back, i was surprised at her sexual reactions; She rushed to the bathroom, took her bath, came out and pounced on me for sex. I was surprised because is very mush unlike her, i tried asking her what is happening, she said she was in the mood for sex. Meanwhile, i tried having sex with her previous night but she was giving excuses that she was tired because we had program in the church which made me to leave her. So she pounced on me, removed my boxers and started romancing me, held my manhood so tight, i reminded her that her baby is still small so let’s use condom, she refused..saying she want skin to skin, i became worried because i didn’t want her to get pregnant while our baby is still small. At the end of the day, we had sex, after which she gave our baby food and we ate too and she slept off while watching Television. A massage came into her phone saying..” Check your WhatsApp” i had to on her data and checked her WhatsApp, surprisingly i saw massages from her gym instructor apologizing to her that He was sorry to have sex with her without protection, that he could no longer hold himself because of her beauty…

I became so mad, i now began to understand why she was forcing me to have unprotected sex with her. I snapped the massages with my phone and woke her up, she wanted to deny it so i brought the picture of the chat from her gym instructor, she now started crying and asking for forgiveness.
I told her the marriage is over that i will call her parents first thing tomorrow morning, she pleaded that even if am sending her away, i should not tell her parents what happened… Am confused?, i loved my wife.. What should i do?

Let’s know your advise on this issue.

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