The various cultures in Africa have placed utmost importance to the sex of a baby. Having a baby boy gives African woman automatic ticket that she is fully accepted in her husband’s home unless the in-laws will fight such woman endlessly even sometimes might go to any length to turn her husband against her.

Africans value marriage a lot that every lady desires to settle down with a man no matter how fulfilled she must have been financially and career-wise.

Look beyond the English construction, listen to her story and advise her,

“Greetings ma. So for invading your inbox.
I dated a guy for 7 years without any sign of miscarriage even though we always had sex. I wasn’t bothered not until he gave me condition that except I get pregnant and scan confirms its a boy then he will come and marry me. After 1 year of trying without conceiving u went to meet a gynaecologist and was diagnosed of hormonal imbalance which cos me a lot to treat. I finally got pregnant in April, I told him and he was so excited then last week I went for for gender scan and was told I am carrying a baby boy, he also went with me so we came back and after some days I reminded him of marrying me properly, he said I have to wait till the baby is born so we can go for a DNA test. He said he’s not doubting me and he loves me a lot but will really have to satisfy his curiosity. This made me angry cos I am sure I never met another man and he’s the owner of this baby but he’s still insisting on waiting for a DNA. I am tired of telling my parents different stories on when he will come and marry me. So I opened up to my mother and elder sister and they were so angry and said I won’t marry that man again and also gave me their reasons.
My challenge now is being a single mom and I am sure this guy loves me a lot and he only wants to be sure of everything but my mom isn’t seeing it like that.
He also promised to start up a big business for me once the DNA is done and confirmed. He takes care of me but sometimes if I request for something he will tell me that my blood is too hot and I should wait for him to confirm that the baby is his own first. I won’t say I am not frustrated now but the truth is I am scared of so many things.
I need advice on what to do. Post for me ma.”

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