Men have upper hands when it comes to relationships but a woman determines how the relationship goes by her strength and weaknesses.

What you call your dog is what it answers. Tomorrow we will say men are scarce. Men are not scarce but rather women who know exactly what they want in any relationship are scarce. Just because you want to marry you are ready to submit to any positive or negative orders.

What is your opinion about this lady and her plight in this relationship. Firstly, is there seriously any relationship existing here, is she thinking rightly?

This is her story,

“A prophecy came to my family some months ago that I will celebrate my wedding this December and we prayed about it…. Fast forward to 2 months ago a customer from where I work who lives outside the country called me and professed his intentions to marry me that if I accept he will conclude every Marital right by December when he returns but my challenge with his proposal was that he married a white woman and has a son with him of which he told me that he would divorce her that he wants to come and base in Nigeria, that he needs a wife and children that will inherit his property and answer his name…. I told him I will think about it, i spoke my family about it and they gave their concept, so I called him and told him after a month about my acceptance to his proposal of which he was very happy about it
My issue is that ever since then we started talking on phone and trying to build the relationship at some point he was asking for me to go nude for him of which I declined.. He then told me that there is no need communicating over the phone when I don’t trust him that we should just hold on when he comes back by December we will continue from where we stopped to avoid trust issues.
I really don’t know Help me raise your voices and pray that every thing end up to the glory of God.”

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Disclaimer :The picture above is not the real person.

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