Firstly, she accused Tunde Ednut of getting her pregnant through rape when Tunde Ednut said he has never visited Nigeria for 2years.

The lady who accused Tunde Ednut of raping and impregnating her has now said that she is now getting death threats from his fans.

According to her she decided to use a parody account to avoid being trolled but she is now being attacked, getting death threats from fans of Tunde Ednut.

I am receiving death threats from Tunde Ednut fans - Lady allegedly pregnant for him

She wrote;

Let me clear the air…
All what I said about Tunde Ednut is the fact. The reason for not using my main account is for security reasons cause Nigerians are so full of themselves they might start threatening me. I tender my apology to tinuke for using your pictures… the past few hours has been tough for me. Tunde Ednut you shall see no peace until you do the right thing. If anything is to happen to me tundeednut should be held responsible.
I have not use my main account am receiving deathe threats from his fans. If I now use my account don’t u think they would attack me. Tundeednut watch out for me.

She went on to write a last note that could be perceived as suicide note, saying,

Am done guys I know I will regret this decision. It high time i leave everything and go Goodbye Tunde ednut will meet again at judgement day

Tunde Ednut has however denied the allegations, stating that the last time he was in Nigeria was 2 years ago therefore if anyone got pregnant for him, she should have given birth except he shipped his prick to her.

This is unbelievable. We will keep you updated.

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