Day 88 in Big Brother’s house was quite historic as mouth could not tell what happened between Tacha and Mercy.

The fight between these two ladies was unheard of in the history of Big Brother except for the intervention of the male housemates it would have been a full blown fight between the two.

Tacha called Mercy fake arse and a university drop out, and revealed that Mercy bleaches her skin which gave her black knuckles.

Mercy on the other hand called Tasha smelly and advised her to leave the house and take care of her body odour.

She equally called her low budget CeeC. CeeC was an ex-housemate of Big Brother game of 2018,who was the first runner-up of that season.

CeeC was bold, classy,intelligent and some people regarded her as arrogant then. Mercy calling Tacha, low budget CeeC meant she felt Tacha was behaving like Ceec but in a lower class level.

CeeC reacted by asking these questions below,

“Biko who did I borrow my name?? ?
because I’m not understanding how someone will be on her bed watching king of boys on Netflix and still trending ??”

Such a classy response to her critics.

CeeC is doing pretty well since after the show in 2018. She is considered the most prosperous among other housemates.

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