Not only that they are fashionable, they are cool together.

Pharrell Williams makes nonstop jams, and his wife since 2013, the super-stylish Helen Lasichanh, seems just as cool. Together, they just might be the coolest couple (they’re at least the most fashion-forward) in Hollywood right now. Though the parents of four kids (they welcomed triplets in 2017, after their first son, Rocket) are intensely private about their relationship, they still step out together from time and time — and in between their fiercely fashionable appearances, they also show a little PDA, like a quick kiss and an almost-constant hand-hold. It just shows that no one’s too cool for true love.

Pharrell Williams has been a world music sensation whom a lot of people even upcoming stars look up to him. He has been trending for decades with beautiful songs to his credit.

There has never been any major scandal where his name was mentioned. His song “BECAUSE I AM HAPPY ” was an item all over the world and some countries interpreted it in their languages and those songs went viral.

Pharrell Williams is one of the American best and he is loved all over the world.

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