The deputy chairman of the ruling party in Nigeria APC, Shaibu Lawal after a mind searching time decided to confront his party chairman Adams Oshiomole publicly by telling him to resign as the chairman as all is not well with the party and it’s members. These are his observations,

“We had 23 States in 2015, but after the 2019 elections we lost 7 States! We also had 60 Senators in 2015 at the end of the election count, we now end up with 57 Senators in 2019! You were not brought in to lose election, It is absolutely unacceptable!

What this entails is that for any Senator to become a presiding Officer he needs to go and kneel down before the PDP Senators and beg for support! And to make things worse, you announced that APC will not allow any PDP Senator to be , appointed as Committee Chairman except the committees statutorily meant for the opposition members of the Senate.

That is never the tradition of the legislature anywhere! The Legislature is the house of collaboration and lobby and you can never succeed with hostile approach, you must lobby seek for cooperation of members across Party divides. If you don’t know, you have made the situation worse than it seems. Try and use your calculator and you will find that as at now.

If anybody, backed by the PDP members, wants to become Senate President, all he needs is the support of only 6 APC Senators to win the election on the floor of the Senate! Chairman, strategies are not announced on television, they are discussed at caucuses”.

Let’s wait in anticipation to see how the chairman of the ruling party in Nigeria, APC will take it.

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