Peter Obi ,the PDP vice presidential candidate of the just concluded election advised Governor Ihedioha the new governor of Imo State sworn in on the 29th of May 2019 on the four things to avoid in the office.

He advised him as follows:

  1. Don’t fly chartered jets. Don’t Waste IMO Money on Chartered Jets. Why pay for millions when you can pay N40,000 and get to your destination.
  2. Office of First Lady, it cost millions to maintain that office and you can not afford it. IMO is in a mess. Your wife is the first lady of your house and heart, let her continue with her career.
  3. Don’t turn Government house into a party house, those that want to drink should go to the bar.
  4. Listen to those that criticise you, they are your best advisers. Always find out why they were criticising you.

Your predecessor leaves a debt of N100billion verified. But for free advice on debt management, I will recommend former governor of Cross River Lyle Imoke.

That was a good one from a great economist. Peter was once a governor of Anambra. As a governor, he did absolutely well and his reign was peaceful.He is equally a business mogul and was doing well before politics.

If Governor Emeka Ihedioha listens to Obi ‘s advice, it will go a long way to helping his reign..

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