Teen actress Regina Daniels has been in the public eyes for weeks now because of the once rumoured marriage to a politician/business man Prince Ned Nwoko. Nothing is hidden forever.

One day the story began, Regina bought a beautiful mansion for her mother in the choicest area of the city. Nigerians were talking about it she bought a car. Then a Rolex watch. It was still counting she added another car ranging from Ferrari to Mercedes Wagon Brabus with so much trips abroad , with a lot shopping that followed from gold testing in Dubai to Diamond testing. And she was sampling all that on social media.

The gifts were so overwhelming and many Nigerians did not truly believe the media when the news of her marriage to an incoming Senator, Prince Ned Nwoko was rumoured. People were skeptical about the news of her marriage because the actress is still in her teen to be connected to a polygamous marriage. Being that the billionaire husband has five wives already. Regina flaunting all her wealth and acquisition was not proud enough to show Nigerians the man behind this newly found good life. By her rating in Nollywood Industry she has not reached A-list status ,so where did she dig this wealth of gold from?

But finally we have known the truth today as she attended a public function with her dearest husband Prince Ned Nwoko.

The problem truly was not that she got married but the issue was that she was flaunting those wealth and gifts without proudly showing Nigerians who the man is.

After the outing, she uploaded her picture alone on her Instagram page without adding the picture she took with her husband and trolls were eating her raw. Because a lot of bloggers have already spread the news like wildfire in the harmattan . The trolls demanded that she should have posted the picture she took with her husband which was already with bloggers not the one she took alone. This is truly a super story.

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