Tension Heightens Between Tinubu And His Supporters Amidst Fuel Hikes ....

A resident of Kano state, Adamu Salihu, has said that the current hardship Nigerians are facing as a result of the increase in the pump price of petrol is not what he and his family members went out of their way to vote for the Tinubu-led government for...

Fuel which has moved from N195 per litre to N530 after President Tinubu announced the end of subsidy in his inauguration speech on May 29, hit N617 in Abuja and N620 in Kano in the early hours of Tuesday, July 18.

In reaction to the recent development,  Salihu, who said he hails from Bichi LGA in the State, said he might be forced to take to crime. Speaking to DailyTrust, he said

“Honestly this new price has hit us very hard. This is not what we voted for. My children and I voted the current government in power. What we are being served is contrary to what we asked for. I am a Nigerian, I deserve to be treated right. I am no longer a youth, I have Children and they also go out and vote. Very soon if there is no change, I will ask them to stop voting because they are no longer going to school and have started hawking selling ‘Awara’.

I dropped them out of school and they are now selling ‘Awara’. How can they be denied education and start hawking? I have been in politics since the time of NRC and SDP. If things continue to go like this, we can retaliate. if our lawmakers and representatives will not do anything about it. We can take the law into our hands despite being law abiding citizens.

All these hardship we are facing is as a result of hike in fuel price, if not, we won’t be suffering like this. We don’t have good representation.”. 

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