She Lied, A Popular Catholic Priests Refutes Bishop Oyedepo's Wife Testimony On Miraculous Reversed Miscarriage

The recent trending testimony shared by the wife of the famous pastor and general overseer, Bishop Oyedepo caught up the attention of a popular catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Kelvin ugwu.

The curious Rev.Fr kelvin Ugwu stated, " I asked myself and wonder if blood flow during pregnancy means a miscarriage,  I want to get this curiosity clarified by those who are experienced in the field" 

Well shipping in my own candid opinion on mummy Oyedepo's testimony tweet, I can boldly say that the testimony lacks integrity and there could be other sides of the story untold or witheld from the public, her saying that she had miscarriage because she experienced a blood flow during pregnancy and her husband's word brought back the baby or reversed the pregnancy simply means that the baby was no longer in her womb and suddenly her husband advice or words caused another baby to start growing in her womb or that the miscarried baby went back to her womb.

Since when did blood flow becomes miscarriage? She should be factual with her testimony and stop spinning our head thereby making some christians who cannot think to believe such, this is a clear example of a Christian who saw an owl at night then comes to church in the morning to give testimony about God delivering him from the attack of the devil, what does devil have to do with an owl?

The funny thing is that they make Christianity looks like a religion of those that cannot think because the bottom line of all these is ignorance, I believe if clearly examined, the premises of this testimony is not clearly true so the conclusion can not stand, she only had a blood flow not a miscarriage.

Clearly there has been a lot of support to the popular Rev.Fr Ugwu's points as people are throwing in their support to his claim.
An Instagram user wrote " sometimes we need to remove religion from reality, that testimony is not factual" another user wrote " Indeed African Christianity is a religion of those that can't think".

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