It's Game Over For Nigerian Cross-dressers As NCAC Seeks Power From Lawmakers To Sanction LGBTQ As Well As BBNaija

As a country with diverse cultural,religious and other beliefs, it's growing quite unbearable for some groups whose norms condemn certain unpopular activities that are spreading and becoming a trend across the country through social media.
The NCAC Seeks Power from the lawmakers to Sanction the likes of Nigerian popular crossdressers Bobrisky and James brown before Nigerian youths will start seeing their lifestyles as normal as the LGBTQ is growing with speed in Nigeria.
BBNaija show was mentioned among in the process.
The National Council for Art and Culture (NCAA) has appealed to members of the House of Representatives to give it a legal framework to go after the organizers of Big Brother Naija (BBN) over nudity displayed on the show as well as powers to arrest and prosecute crossdressers in the country.

The Director General of the council, Segun Runsewe, made the appeal during an investigative hearing by an ad hoc committee of the House on Tuesday, October 4.

There is a bill in the House seeking to amend Same-Sex (Prohibition) Act to prohibit cross-dressing in Nigeria. The amendment, sponsored by Muda Umar (APC, Bauchi), seeks to amend sections 4 and 5 of the principal act. The bill proposes that “A person engaging in cross-dressing is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment of six months or a fine of five hundred thousand naira.”

Speaking before the lawmakers, Runsewe, who has never hidden his distaste of crossdressers particularly Bobrisky, told the lawmakers that he ordered the police to disrupt his birthday celebration of Bobrisky. Runsewe said he has in the past condemned the nudity exhibited in the BBNaija house.

“I am the first person who took Big Brother Nigeria to the NBC to report them because they were having…I took it up and Big Brother (organisers) tried to reach me and I told them that if the culture in other parts of the world is to be naked – nudity, etc they should not bring it to Nigeria because our culture is rich and it respects the integrity of our country,” he said.

A lawmaker, Alex Egbonna (PDP, Cross-River), complained that the intervention has not stopped the display of nudes on the show.

Responding to the observation by the lawmaker, Runsewe said

“I will give you an example. When Bobrisky started behaving like a woman, I rose and followed him to Lagos. I ‘scattered’ his (birthday) party and I told him, ‘This is not our culture.’ But at the end of the day, that is just Part 1. This honourable house just needs to empower us with just a legal framework and that nonsense will stop”
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