Fans Beg The Wife Of Nigerian Singer 9ice Not Leave Her Marriage After The Cheating Singer Apologised To Her In Public

It has been trending,the cheating scandal which is now threatening the marriage of award winning singer 9nice.

A blogger posted the video of his romantic exploit with a young girl in a hotel room and it was heartbreaking to all meaningful Nigerians.

Though they have been together but recently they tied the knot.

Which woman will not be heartbroken after seeing such betrayal and in addition to what Nigerians are saying on social media about the messy incident.

The singer has come online pleading with Nigerians to help him save his marriage and equally apologised to the woman publicly.

It seems the woman has made up her mind to leave him and he has decided to do the same thing his colleague did weeks ago when he cheated on his woman. He came online to apologize and Nigerians helped him to calm his wife down.

Now, the fans of the cheating singer have written a letter to his wife begging her to forgive her husband and forget any idea of seeking for divorce.

The letter read,

Dear Mrs Olasunkanmi Ajala Akande,

It’s with great pain we write you this missive. Hope it meets you in good health and vitality? if so, doxology.

The main aim of writing this to you is just to tell you, To never leave your husband, 9ice. Don’t cave into societal pressure and lose your beautiful home to one ‘Olosho’ gal who wants to trend by sharing any video of your husband laying with her.

Omo, 97 per cent of men mess up, including men of God.

Already, he has learnt his lessons– the disgrace has served him whatever punishment you wanted to dish out to him.

Forgive him. Keep your home. Keep your own . Take care of your daughter, Michy and others that will arrive.

You are his backbone (he also acknowledged it) please don’t let him crash.

He wouldn’t do such again. 

Forgive. Forget. Forge ahead. Tongues will wag but that would soon stop because another gist will soon filter into town that will occupy people’s mouths and minds.

Its well.


However,That was a wonderful move by these true fans of the Singer.

I equally plead that you forgive him for the sake of your children and bear in mind that infidelity is so rampant these days.

What advice can you give to this woman who is presently facing the emotional pains of betrayal?

Let’s read your comments in the comment section and help us share this update.

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