Investigative Journalist Kemi Olunloyo Stands With Dbanj As He Battles Rape Accusation

Nigerian award winning singer Dbanj who has been accused of rape is not finding it easy as some of his deals have been allegedly cancelled.

He has been accused of rape by one Seyitan and Kemi promised to investigate the alleged rape.Now she has used her social media pages to say something about it.

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo who promised to investigate on the alleged raped case narrated her investigation and the findings

She has these to say,


I am STANDING FIRM with DBanj Dapo Oyebanjo. I Investigated this case in a two week span and spoke to DBanj demanding to interview him and also spoke to past and present employees of Glee hotel under anonymity. I attempted this young lady via Twitter and there was no response. U don’t have to respond to an investigative Journalist but I can still Investigate you. I reached my conclusion that Seyitan “Aunty Seyitan” was NOT RAPED. She may have had consensual sex as a groupie in a hotel but certainly didn’t complain to the hotel when she checked out as a guest! I posted my findings on IGTV. I do not condone rape, nor am I a rape apologist. I was the ONLY Journalist that Investigated the Fatoyinbo case. No media touched it cos they knew it was A LIE! Several TV personalities contacted me. Busola’s case was thrown out in civil court. The same style of extortion attempt has arrived again. An advocate in her team reached out to me to tell DBanj they are going to court and the IGP if he doesn’t APOLOGIZE. Rape is not an apology deal. It’s a trial and prison deal. I told that advocate I am not the artist’s Spokesperson nor have any affiliation. Now they did what they had to do. Seyitan and a former DBanj employee Allegedly put this together elaborately. It is a carefully crafted extortion attempt centered around his birthday, his @creamplatform deal with @heritagebankplc who have now suspended the N45M deal and it hampers every upcoming entertainer in the entertainment industry this platform aims to help.

Focus on the bigger picture. Seyitan was tweeting about moving on days ago saying she was tired of the drama. The Drama that she created. Pls give @iambangalee some time to BREATHE. It’s the second anniversary of his son Daniel’s drowning death.

I am a Victim of sexual molestation at 8yo and 13yo and know the stigma. One of my dad’s students fingered me at 8yo babysitting us, I was stripped naked during the #Alimustgo Ikorodu Rd riots in 1978 and was almost gang raped if not for a good Samaritan who carried that naked girl fast and ran away with me. My brother’s head was smashed at 8yo and he’s paralyzed at 50yo

Dapo stay strong. 


Nigerians who visited her page said their minds,

These days we don’t know who to believe again .

What’s your take on this issue reader?

Do you believe Kemi’s investigation might be the true fact?

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