Karma: Miss South African Contestant 2020 Bianca Schombee About To Drop Out Of The Race As A Result Of Her Racist Acts And Comments In The Past

Karma is a bitch they say .One of the applicants for the Miss South African contest 2020 whose name is Miss Bianca Schombee may lose out and her dream crashed as a result of her acts and comments and South Africans on Twitter are fighting hard for her to withdraw from this race. An hashtag of #Biancamustfall has been created to pull her down.

However she has apologised, but no apologies can wipe away the bitter seeds she has planted in the hearts of many especially black South Africans who grew up around her.

Typical example of her racist comments is this one here,

People who grew up around her like this her classmate Empress Ree has a lot to say about her racist acts during their school days.

She said ,

Wow, Karma is a bitch hey. I went to school with Bianca from grade 8 until matric and I can confirm that she is racist. Bianca and her squad always called us names like Kaffir, told us how we dont belong as Gim, how our parents should be domestic workers and how we stinked.

Again the teachers were on their side and it was sweeped under the rug. There was so much separation at school because of girls like Bianca and a squad.

She does not deserve to be #MissSA2020 because she is racist and always will be. Yes Bianca we haven’t forgotten. “

Empress Ree continued,

“Let this be a lesson Bianca that you must be careful of who you mistreat because it will come back to haunt you. #BiancaMustFall

This is how South Africans reacted to Empress Ree as she narrated her experiences with Bianca,

Racism should not be encouraged.

Now what chances have Bianca Schombee in Miss South African contest?

We will keep you updated.

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