Activist Reno Omokiri Complains About The Effects Of Lockdown Extension By President Buhari

The two weeks extension of the lockdown in Lagos,Abuja and others were not received well by some Nigerians as many complained of hunger. And presently what is happening in Lagos is an eye opener to how Nigerians react to the extension of the lockdown.

A typical example should be the video trending online where hungry Agege residents attacked a driver with a bus carrying bread and stole all loaves of bread in order to eat and survive.

Many celebrities have been generous as they keep crediting accounts of Nigerians on different social media platforms.

Nigerian activist Reno Omokiri has been generous too as he initiated financial giveaways to help many struggling Nigerians who are on social media.

However,after the announcement of the lockdown extension by Nigerian President,Buhari,Reno complained about the negative effects of the lockdown extension on average Nigerians .

Reno Omokiri has these to say on his tweets,

“11-Lagos is on lockdown, yet less than 20,000 households in Lagos are getting money. Zamfara is not on lockdown and 200,000 households are getting the conditional cash transfer? How does this make sense General @MBuhari? Are you not ashamed? Are you so tribalistic?

General @MBuhari has just unleashed Hunger Games on the Southwest! You extend the lockdown by another 2 weeks. Already hunger has increased crime in Lagos. And you had no word on providing either extra food or extra security! You are President of Nigeria, not North!

12-In conclusion, this broadcast was done because General @MBuhari felt that he had to say something. It was not done because he had something to say! @jidesanwoolu has more leadership in his little finger than Buhari displayed in this underwhelming broadcast!”

His reasons were supported heavily by Twitter users. Read their comments,

Reacting to his tweets,it could be said that many Nigerians seriously need the intervention of the government if not, a lot of things will go wrong before the end of this Lockdown.

Truly speaking the lockdown is meant to curb the further spread of Coronavirus pandemic and many lives will be saved equally.

But when people are hungry without provision there will be restlessness and the reason for the lockdown will be defeated.

Though,Reno sounded harsh in his judgment,what do you think about the situation of things in the country due to the extension of the lockdown?

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