A Nigerian Lady Corroborates The Story Of A Nigerian Celebrity With COVID19 By Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian Lady Ifeoma Chukwuogo Confirms Story Of A Nigerian Celebrity With COVID19 By Kemi Olunloyo.Initially Nigerians thought it was a normal social media gist until Ifeoma confirmed it.

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo wrote a post about a big Nigerian celebrity who tested positive to Coronavirus and advised others to stay safe by curtailing their movements.

It is further said that celebrities who attended AMVCA7 days ago should quarrantine themselves and equally go for a test for their own good.

As Kemi Olunloyo refused to reveal the name of the celebrity a lot of people were skeptical about the report.

However A Nigerian lady who goes by the name Ifeoma Chukwuogo used her Twitter page to confirm Kemi’s story.

According to her, she said it is a very true story.

“He hasn’t tested but came from UK and down with symptoms, plans to fly right back but has interacted with a lot of people .I have the receipts if he has refused to report himself to NCDC I will whistleblow the shit with receipts.

What wickedness,the so called celebrity is down with symptoms and was spreading it all over .That’s unfair.

But hours ago Ifeoma posted that the celebrity has submitted himself

She said that the information reaching her this morning was that the celebrity has reported himself

Ifeoma equally advised all the people that attended the AMVCA7 to self isolate

Especially those who came in contact with those who attended AMVCA7 days ago should do something fast before it spreads all over the country.

The lady has done great and people should be careful this time around especially those who are fond of chasing celebrities around for selfies.

What’s your take on this issue?

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