You People Should Try And Leave Me Alone My Father Is Alive And Doing Well Says Timi Dakolo

Nigerian award winning singer Timi Dakolo came across a published post talking about the death of his father about hours ago.He decided to publish it on his Instagram page warning bloggers to desist from the act of publishing what they did not investigate .Look at the post made by the blogger

Timi Dakolo who was not happy about this said,

“You people should try and leave me alone.. my father is alive and doing well. I wonder how you people come up with all these information.I didn’t say anything about my father being dead.A simple investigation would do the world much good”

Many of his friends and fans reacted ,

It might be that who first published this did not understand what he must have written in a post and misinterpreted it.

What of if he decides to sue this blogger ?

Let’s read your comments in the comment section.

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