Shocking Confessions Of Nigerian Notorious Kidnapper Evans

If you don’t know the notorious millionaire kidnapper Chukwudumeme popularly known as Evans ,it might be you are not a Nigerian. Evans as a kidnapper did lots of evil things to wealthy families by kidnapping their aged fathers and mothers demanding millions and receiving his payments before releasing them.Some of them died in his custody. He reigned as a kingpin for more than a decade and was not traced, leaving his ways clean.

Evan was so smart that even his wife,children ,parents and relatives were not aware of what he was doing for a living. How shocked the wife was when she first heard about her husband’s arrest said it all.She was defending her husband until she found out the truth of the whole gist

Evans has been in custody for years now and his case is yet to be over as he keeps making more confessions and giving more revelations to deeper secrets . He just made some shocking confessions in the court

Billionaire kidnapper, Evans made some shocking revelations

Alleged kidnap kingpin, Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans in a video played during his trial in an Ikeja High Court on Friday said from a short distance, he can estimate the financial value of his victims.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the video was played in the courtroom during the cross-examination of the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) Insp. Idowu Haruna by Mr Emmanuel Ochai, the defence counsel to Victor Aduba, one of Evans’ co-defendants.

In the video, the alleged kidnap kingpin, was sitting on a sofa and confessing to Haruna about various kidnappings he masterminded.

He gave the details of his alleged victims who mostly paid ransoms in six-figure foreign currencies with the exception of two alleged victims who paid ransoms of $1 million and $2 to 3 million each.

In the video, Haruna who is also a member of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) asked Evans how he mapped out strategies to kidnap his alleged victims, Evans while smiling, replied simply “when you see someone that has money you will know”. Evans in the video told the IPO that he knew that the individuals he and his alleged gang members kidnapped will pay the ransoms even if it involving selling their property to raise the funds.

Evans explained that through a contact who was in prison, he was able to procure arms for his kidnap operations.

He said in the video that a pharmaceutical boss, Mr Donatius Dunu who had already paid a ransom of 223,000 Euros had not finished paying the ransom in full before escaping and alerting the police.

Evans said that Aduba who is a dismissed Army Officer, accompanies him during kidnap operations noting that Aduba was involved in the botched kidnap attempt of Chief Vincent Obianodo, the Chairman of The Young Shall Grow Motors.

He however admitted in the video that Aduba did not participate in the kidnap of Dunu.

After the video was played, Ochai told Haruna that Evans never identified Aduba (sixth defendant) as a participant in the kidnap of Dunu.

What a wicked world. Will I say the scriptural quotation that “Your sins will surely find you out ” has come to manifestation in the life of Evans?

May God help us out as we sin differently in many ways .Imagine the officers helping him to accomplish evils.

Many kidnappers are still moving freely without being caught because it is not yet their time.

Do you think Evans should be forgiven as he has repented as many are pleading on his behalf.

May you please drop your comments let’s know your take and don’t forget to share this story.

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