U.S. returnee who goes by the name nextctaylor on Instagram livestreams Nigerian police assaulting him and his friends in Lagos.
He wrote: Change! Change! Change!
Complete change in every sector is what is needed in Nigeria.

What seemed like perfect vacation almost ended in tragedy last night. 
Heading home last night after a fun last night was ruined by one of my biggest fears as a black man; Police brutality. 
On Monday 6th of January 2020 morning, at about 2am, I was heading home from Moist beach after a fun night out with a couple of my friends @gabrielanthonys @drewbaba @tissiekholors . Some policemen stopped our car abruptly without telling us what our offense was. 
They rushed to the back seat and started dragging us out of the vehicle. One of the them started saying “they are yahoo boys, take their phones”. Scared, worried & frightened as I was, I did the smart thing of bringing out my phone to record the bullying and harassment from the men in uniform. 
I was dragged on the floor, hit on the back and even started bleeding from my hands and other parts of my body that were bruised. 
In that moment I wondered what I had done wrong to be treated like a criminal and fearful thoughts ran through me like a wave of electricity . One of the police officers even fired his gun. 
What if it had hit me?
What if it had landed on any of my friends? 
How would have my family and our loved ones cope with the trauma?

A fun filled vacation turned to a bloody nightmare. 
I had to beg strangers passing by to intervene but you trust Nigerian people to drive off as far it doesn’t concern them but it definitely does and it’s us to each and everyone of us to say something stand up for our rights. 
I’m just glad I left the situation with my life and just an injury on my hand and some bruises.I saw blood. My shirt was stained but I am glad my life and my friends weren’t taken away. I was very traumatized. 
I hear and see it happen a lot online but on this day I wasn’t just a spectator, I was the actor in the tragic movie of hostility.

NI took some days off social media to recuperate and heal. 
Thank you to everyone who reached out. 
Thank you for your calls, texts and messages…”

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