Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode has predicted that the United states President Donald Trump will escape impeachment by the Us Congress.

The former minister made the prediction on his Facebook post.

He recalled how he had predicted about the emergence of Trump as the Presidential candidate of the Republican party and his eventual victory at the Us presidential election where he defeated his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Fani Kayode has also predicted that Trump will again win the 2020 Us presidential election.

He said” In 2016 I wrote an essay in which I predicted that Donald J. Trump would win the nomination as presidential candidate of the Republican party. He did.

After he won I wrote another essay in which I predicted that he would defeat Hillary Clinton and win the presidential election. He did.

A few weeks ago I tweeted that no matter how hard the Democrats try he would not be impeached. I stand by that.

Today I go a step further and predict that he will win the 2020 Presidential election hands down and convincingly.

He is, by far, the best thing that has happened to America and the world in years and God is with him. The forces of hell and the Anti-Christ CANNOT stop him. His rise is prophetic and his secret is Isaiah 45.

He is the modern-day King Cyrus: he came to rebuild the walls of the Church, to save America, to fight evil, to set the captives free and to bring God’s light to the world.

I pray for him every day and I urge every believer and God-fearing person to do the same”.

The impeachment vote is expected to be held in the US house of representatives which is dominated by Democrats.

Some political watchers have predicted that the House may succeed in impeaching the US president.

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