We thought it was there normal quarrel and make up as we witnessed when Ike and Mercy were in the Big Brother’s house.But as revealed by Patie Chima it could be something deeper beyond their control.This allegation is so strong that one should trade with caution before talking. Firstly Cubana has a wife.Secondly Mercy’s image is at stake.

Patie are you sure of this report that Mercy slept with Cubana.God is watching if you are just posting to destroy people.

Normally their quarrels don’t last long but this one has lasted.initially I saw it that the two lovers who have their different attitudes may manage up for the sake of love.Ike is stubborn while Mercy is bossy.The pair should be compared as fire and fuel but with love they can manage up.

However when it hinges on cheating it is not always easy to let go so fast.The authentication of this ugly news is what we are waiting for.

While we are yet to uncover the mystery behind the disunion of Ike and Mercy, a fan has alleged that Ike found out that Mercy slept with Cubana Chief Priest, hence the reason for their split.

We cannot ascertain how true this allegation is, but we know Mercy and Cubana Chief Priest conformed their reconciliation after Ike and Mercy unfollowed each other.

We will keep you updated in this matter.

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Warning:This news was revealed by patie Chima

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