Life ,can we say sometimes is unfair. A lot of things happen behind close doors. We can’t pray that someone close to us becomes a victim to certain abnormalities of life.

Look at the story of a victim. What can you tell her to make her know that man may fail her but God cannot fail her,

“Ma please approve Good evening house ? this is a very difficult thing for me and being disturbing my life since childhood I need some to talk and advice on what to do , mind you this real life story so advise me well , when I was a Teenager (junior secondary) any time will go out and come back late , my dad alway tel us me and my sister to put our pants to check us if will sleep with boys out side and he will bring fingering us and asking us to rub his dick , I always 10yrs and I don’t have sense or know anything I swear ????, something he sleep with me and I always see in sleeping with my sister too , so later I lost my mom and the things became worst but I already have sense , and anytime my dad want to force him self on me I always fight him and push him, since them nothing happen , I even shout so that the neighbor can hear and he will stop , some then I hate him with passion and I can kill him no doubt if I have the opportunity, and when I finish my secondary I left home and I never return because anytime I see him I always hate him so much , but right now I’m married legally married, but the only fear I have is this secret, I’m confuse and I can’t tell my husband or anyone, that’s why I’m using this fake account, because I always think about this and it hurt me so much ??????, I’m going through a lot , I need advice and help , please since then I hate my dad and I can’t forgive him because he is a womanizer he sleep with everything girl, but 10yrs and above, and sine then i have been thinking that my mom know too because she just hate me for no reason before she die , and for that I hate her too because she’s very heartless mom and I know she regret it now but I still hate them both , because she didn’t stop my daddy , my wanted to do the same with my other kid sister and I warn my sister to always scream ? and shout so that people will hear and he will stop , before my sister left the house , I need advice what will I do , this is real story and fake account because I don’t want to expose my identity. I can’t wait because I don’t sleep or live peacefully, please help , please ma approve and I want every member to curse him and pray he die this year”

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Disclaimer :The photo is not that of the real person.

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