To some being single sounds like a crime. Some woman might prefer to remain single than to marry a man who will not fit into her statutes. But pressure every productive woman has is making sure you get married and have children before age issues set in.

But the sister in question is after her statutes but she should be reminded that weed smoking is very common with this generation.

A good man remains one and a bad one remains one.

In her case what advise suits her situation.

This is her story

“please post and hide my ID,it is better to be single or to be with someone who doesn’t fit in my dream man,he is not educated,not industrious first son with family expenses and he smoke weeds,not God fearing,dirty and lousy,seriously I feel like quitting but scared of been single for long.I am 26 and he plan marrying me by march but if I accept to marry this guy I go suffer,and I will be the one paying bills,I am trying to build him by asking him to learn a skill,but he doesn’t have a choice of a skill he will like to learn he always accept any suggestion of skill I say.he doesn’t have goals, vision.seriously I don’t feel like marrying such person but at the same time scared of been single for long.I need prayers AMD advice please I will be graduation next year and I am very industrious,na me dey sponsor myself since day one how I go come go marry this kind person???”

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Disclaimer:The person in picture is not the actual person.

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