The former aides to Senator Athan Achonu has called out his boss and is pleading that Nigerians in authorities should come to his aid as he needs his name to be cleared for petition written against him to the US Embassy which warranted the cancellation of his US Visa.

Ikechukwu Uka Wrote;

I know my Life might be in Danger after this publicity So therefore I call the attention of the Imo State Police public relations Officer Ppro Imo State Command … Ikechukwu Uka is my name (AKA Comrade Iyke) From Imo State. I am an Entrepreneur. I am not Sharing this my Story for the Fun of Calling my former Boss Senator Nneji Athan Achonu out, nor making people hate him, as a matter of fact, I mate him recently at Imo state governor’s inauguration bouquet and we spoke very well. As a matter of fact this in not blackmail of any sort on him, No! Rather I am #SpeakingOut this as a Campaign to #ENDintimidation by the Rich and powerful people against the poor, defenseless and Voiceless people in the Society and also to get the Attention of #USembassyNigeria Usembassy, Humanrights, #Nigerianhumanrights and Nigerian Barhumanrights on a case of injustice done against me, capable of maligning my Character and person in relation to my Future events or engagement with the Embassy or business, work or political engagement.

I worked as a personal Aid to Senator Athan Nneji Achonu in National Assembly from July 2015 to January 2016… (When we exited the Senate after loosing a case of Exclusion filled by Accord party in Imo state then) I doubled as Aid to Him in the Senate and also an Aid to Him as Chairman of Mathan Nigeria Limited which I continued until we had a Visa Fallout.

Within this Trial Period I got Visa to Travel to the United States of America to at least cool off and think straight as a young man that has a future ahead of himself. I presented This Visa to my Boss which he was happy for me. Incidentally I got a business invitation by one Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwachukwu who lives and work there as a Citizen, this served as a motivation for me to travel to the USA with my ready Visa. Let me emphasize this here, Senator Athan Achonu DID NOT GIVE ME ANY INTRODUCTION LETTER TO THE USA EMBASSY TO HELP ME GET ANY VISA. I got the Visa appointment myself, I paid my Visa charges myself with the help of one Mr Otunba Olajide Ayeniba, an Abuja based travel agent in his Office off Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse 2, opposite (Former NNPC) station, along Wuse market.Abuja.

The Major reasons why I left my Boss was that, he stopped paying me Salary for work done as Personal Aid to the Chairman of Mathan Nigeria Ltd.(His Company) Where owing workers Salary was a tradition, meanwhile My Dad was at that moment down with a sickness diagnosed as intracerebral hemorrhage (Partial bleeding in the brain leading to Stroke) and needed huge financial help. For this reason, I needed to double my hustle to take care of my Sick Dad. Before I left, my Boss, he will commit millions of Naira in my care which will be spent under my watch and account. At a point he trusted me to a point that nobody spends any money in the house without my approval. I would meet up my Boss outside the country when he travels and runs out of Cash but under strict adherence to the money laundry act of the EFCC. There was no point I ran away with my Boss’s money nor stole his money.

Unknown to me that I was going to get a Red card at the point I was ready to leave Nigeria for United States. At this point I have bought my flight ticket, converted money needed to Travel into the United State Currency and was lifted to the Airport by my Friend Frederick Agomuo. Alas, on reaching my turn on the queue at the airport to get verified by the Nigeria immigration before proceeding to get my Boarding Pass, I was delayed for a while until I was told by the immigration Staff that I can’t use the Visa. I asked why, and they told me to go back to the US Embassy and ask them why they Withdrew my Visa even before I travelled. It was like a dream to me, I couldn’t believe it.

After being calmed down by the Security operatives at the airport, I was approach by the airport Manager of Turkish Airline at the airport who asked me if I was the the One Blacklisted. At this point I was confused again and depressed. He went with me to his Office and showed a letter from the USA Homeland Security that Blacklisted me from being Airlifted into the USA. He told me that it was as a result of a petition against me by someone from an address he showed me. When I saw the Address, it was then dawn on me that it was my Boss who has used his power against me for nothing.

After a certain period of depression, I called the Rev. Fr. in the USA and told him what has happened. He was so Sad. He directed me to the complaint department of the embassy where I went to and was snubbed by the Staff of the embassy after they collected my passport checked the detailed on their System and just stamped ‘CANCELLED” boldly on my passport. It was then another reality to me that I have been Banned indefinitely from entering the United States.

I called the Fr. Anthony again, this time he asked for my Boss’s number and then called him from the USA with his private number +1 646-***-5984 . He picked his call and listen to him… When he asked why he did that, Then he replied “It’s because I left his Employment, that anyone who leaves does not enjoy any benefit of working with him” when he asked if he got me the Visa, he said No but that I got it under his influence. He also asked him if I stole his money, he answered “No, and said he is sorry there is nothing he can do at the moment” then ended the phone call. I went severally to beg him for what I know nothing about in his private residence at Maitama Abuja, but he will always bluff me off. Worse is that I didn’t even know what he would have told the embassy to hault my trip and they approved of it without even hearing from me. Even blacklisted and Banned me from entering USA for no verified reason at all. I see this as an unwarranted damage to my person. It’s not fair at.

Why I am speaking out after all these while (up to 2 years now) that I listened to my Mum who told me to leave him and commit everything to God is because I can’t continue to have my Image Tarnished at the United State embassy for nothing. For Future purposes these needs to be cleared. I did nothing to deserve such bullying and injustice melted on me. I need the Nigerian Human Rights and the USA embassy to investigate this and act upon it before I give up on being a Citizen of the Country. Every Citizen of this Country deserve to have his right protected and respected. I humbly Call on the Senator Representing My Constituency Senator #EzenwaOnyewuchi and the house of Representatives Member representing my Constituency Hon Emeka Chinedu Campaign … to intercede for me for damages these cost, especially the money I lost from the Business that was supposed to take me abroad.
I need Volunteer Practicing Lawyers too… (Inbox me Here or email me on Should in case…

For these damage done to me psychologically I wonder what the effect will be.

Please if you are Rich and Powerful, don’t bully the poor and Defenseless ones please “

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