The Nigerian male barbies are increasing each single day but the foremost of Nigerian male barbie who goes by the name Bobrisky has come out with another version which might need a doctor to confirm how reliable this claim is.

In the past he has denied the allegations of being gay and keeps denying it till this day. Recently, some Nigerians have accused him of using the gay camouflage to sleep with other guys’ girlfriends. But he debunked the fact and stated categorically that he has cut off his manhood.

He confirmed in pidgin English as used by Nigerian locals that he has cut off his manhood.

He said”Lets help you all. Those of you asking of my (dick) I don cut am since. What would a fine girl like this be doing with gbola. I hope I have answered you all question.Love you” Even the pidgin sef no correct.

Finally, Bobrisky has said it all. That was why he warned all the people addressing him as bro to stop. He should be addressed as Queen Bobrisky. It sounds unreal but it is the fact that he has decided to be a woman.

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