The Minister of Transport and the former Governor of Rivers State Rotimi Amaechi has finally begged his people for forgiveness after so much battles and killings in the land during the 2019 presidential and governorship election in the quest to deliver power to APC. It was truly a tough battle between Amaechi and Rivers State Governor Wike. Federal mights were employed with the presence of military in almost every door post of Rivers people. Nigerians cried for a State which is the Treasure Base of Nigeria but finally peace has returned to Rivers State. For him asking for forgiveness should be seen as a welcome development. He used the Easter to preach peace and forgiveness. Hear him speak,

“Our State which was known and respected as the Treasure Base of the Nation is now always on the news for the wrong reasons. This is not the Rivers State of our dreams. We must find our way back to the glorious future. I am one of you so therefore as your father, son and brother I beseech you to be of good courage and join hands together to build and restore the glory of our State. For us as Rivers people, this the time for sober reflection and forgiveness. I will not hesitate to ask that we all ask God for forgiveness and mercy for all the things done or left undone and from the citizens for all the pains and anguish they have brazenly suffered which most times are unreported.

He continued

The persistence of gang violence, kidnappings and killings in parts of the state has dealt a telling blow on the psyche of people. People no longer feel safe or sleep with their two eyes closed “

This should be considered as a good start for the people of Rivers State.

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