She has done everything humanly possible to keep me.

She is an obedient woman, an embodiment of hospitality. She is not that beautiful but I love her that way. We met back then at the University of Portharcourt.I had my eyes on her best friend but she had her eyes on me. Her friend was befriending a Commissioner’s son and had no time for me even for once.

However I settled for my wife, having noticed she wanted me. The relationship blossomed and we finally got married with kids now .

I came in from work one day to see Nikky her university best friend. I never knew they were still communicating. She came in from the United States and stayed days with us. From my wife I just learnt she got divorced newly and decided to come home just to stay for a while.

To my greatest surprise, I noticed that I still have feelings for this woman. I was looking for an opportunity to remind her of the past until on Sunday when my wife drove to church with the kids.

I entered Nikky’s room without knocking. Luckily I met her half naked as she just took her bath and was only on pants. She was shocked and scared to see me and was about to complain before I pounced on her lovely starving body and had sex with her. She enjoyed the whole scenario and I felt like a king. I thought I had gotten her and I was ready to do anything if she would allow me to keep her as my woman.

But surprisingly, she couldn’t wait for my wife to come back. She packed her things and disappeared with no trace till this day. Now I feel guilty for taken advantage of her.

My wife feels bad about her disappearance and blames herself each day, feeling that she might have done something to offend her that warranted her leaving our house without a word to anyone.

My people should I confess to my wife?

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