Muideen Olalekan Saliu

Thank you for showing interest in Joining our community. Please note that membership on Ifychucks Blog requires payment of one-time registration fee of N1,500. only.

Why are we accepting Membership Fee?

Well, we want ensure that we only have serious-minded person who are ready to abide by the community rules and maintain the highest standards ever. The membership fee is to ensure you are committed to the progress of the platform as well as your personal growth. The membership fee allows you to have full access to maximum earning potentials on IfyChucks Blog.

How do you earn?

You earn on our website by performing the normal everyday action you performed when you read news – read news, comment on news and share news. So, when you read our daily news updates, you earn (a share from our revenue) for reading news, commenting, and sharing. The more you read, comment, and share, the more you earn.

How much do you pay?

Well, your earning potential is based on how active and how much time spend on our website. We publish latest news every blessed day. Thus, you earn each time you read the news and share them. We do minimum payment of N5,000 per month. while maximum you can cash out in a month is N25,000. Whatever earning that is left in your e-Wallet will be rolled-over to the following month.

How much is membership fee?

Membership fee is N1,500 and you pay once and for all.

How to pay for membership?

For you to make payment for your membership fee, contact any of our Agents listed below: Please do not pay to anyone whose name is not listed below. Once your payment is confirmed, your account will be created and login details send to you.

What data to provide?

After payment, send

Temporarry Password (You will change this later)
Email Address
and Phone number

To the agent whom you paid into their account.

Have any question?

Send us an email at


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